Beta Launch!

How Does it Work?

Stats is hard, this is easy. We provide online on-demand tutoring help to college students struggling with statistics homework, problem sets and research. It is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Sign up, 2. Ask your question – you can either type it in or upload a picture of the problem in your text from your smart phone and 3. Enter payment details.

During the Beta Testing stage, you’ll get an email in minutes to schedule a time to meet with a tutor-on-demand to help you get on the right track, done with your work and on to more important things! (In the future, once we’ve perfected the process, you’ll get a tutor immediately!)

You will get an email with a video-conference link, which will allow you to speak face to face, share your screen and work on a white board together with your tutor.

It’s just that simple.


How Much Does it Cost?

We keep this simple too. You buy a token for a half hour (or an hour if you think you have more questions).


You purchase tokens through Paypal and make your purchases per session.


What Levels do we Teach?

We cover all the concepts you’d work on in introductory and advanced stat classes, such as:


  • Probability Theory
  • Descriptive Stats
  • Bivariate analysis
  • Hypothesis testing


  • Multi-variate analysis
  • Interaction terms
  • Logits & Probits
  • Limited Dependent Variable